Bad news for everyone

My husband’s cousin came over to meet our nine-month-old son recently. This was the first time she ever visited and one of the few times we’ve talked. It turns out we have things like Religion and Politics in common. But, more significantly, we share a deep commitment to the TV show ‘Breaking Bad.’ I owe […]

You mistake yourself

A friend who is not really into poetry lent me a book of Jackie Kay’s poems recently. She said it’s one of the few she owns and one of the fewer books of poetry she’s ever read. So, I took this as a good sign and spent time with the book, which is called Darling. The […]

A round of drinks

I would like to one day get a round of drinks for the staff at We Drink Because We’re Poets. Today, they featured me as a guest writer on their wonderful community site. Talented writers and artists are regularly showcased here, so it’s worth the visit, and certainly worth a follow.   Related articles First […]

A Girlfriend for Prufrock

The Boston Poetry Magazine published my poem “A Girlfriend for Prufrock.” It is based on “The Lovesong of J. Alfred Prufrock,” the poem that showed me how language is holy.   But, Prufrock’s loneliness bothered me, so I got him a date… Related articles 1. The Love Song Of J. Alfred Prufrock ( Being Prufrock […]

The Paperbook has my ‘Babies on Planes’

Congratulations to Jayde Ashe of The Paperbook Blog for finishing her second issue. And many thanks for including my poem “Babies on Planes” in this generous effort to showcase writers from all over the world. To read The Paperbook Collective click below: The Paperbook Collective ~ Issue Two 2013..

Two poems, two sites

In trying to get my poems published in places other than my blog, I’ve been very happy to discover the amount of beautifully-run online poetry journals and sites. Among them is the Boston Poetry Magazine, Pilgrims and Kumquat Poetry. Today, both Kumquat Poetry and Pilgrims published one of my poems. So, thank you Kumquat and […]

My Nudity in All its Forms

  Two years ago, I mistook the apple for a peach: Two cases of imported beers carried 6 flights Glasses instead of contacts because I can’t be bothered I make you climb 6 flights of stairs to drink imported beer I make you have me You have me You buy breakfast You say you had […]

New Computer

Because this is the first poem I write on my new computer, I want it to be clean. It will go into a file where a new book of poems will gather over time. Poems that belong to another book will have another file. There will also be a file for poems that are nothing […]

Get the Rape Joke

The news always seems to find me last. This would even include poetry news, which is supposed to be my thing. So it is that today I finally heard of a poem, published by The Awl, that went viral on social media and prompted responses in outlets as varied as Feministe, Salon and The Guardian. The poem is […]

Babies on Planes

  When I am on a plane, and I hear a baby begin to cry, I think: cry, cry, cry.   Cry slower and louder. Cry longer.   Cry while your mother walks you around so that the entire plane can hear you cry.   Stop crying; whimper softly. Make us think you are done, […]

The Drugstore Notebook went rogue

This week I will be posting daily on Zeteo Journal – The Journal of Interdisciplinary Writing. Very excited about this gig. I have fellow blogger William Eaton to thank. He posts regularly at Here is an excerpt from my first post: “I bought The Good Thief by Marie Howe because it was the only poetry […]

How easily nothing happens

  The Etymology of Intersect, Veronica Patterson. Spoon River Poetry Review. Winter 2012 Read Miami Airport, July 2013 Related articles Spoon River Anthology: Exploring Life after Death with Hugh Humphreys (

I messed up

Today I read the work of poet Matt Hart for the first time, prompted by an article in the Huffington Post.  The article is a winding defense of contemporary American poetry. No doubt a valiant and valuable cause, but one whose defense could have used the help of an editor friend. Regardless, the article is […]

Former Head of Security

  The Major did not chat but with a kiss on the cheek marked each daily encounter.   Surely, we wondered if his temper made us safer: motorcycles, rural landing strips, Putumayo.   Charged as guard of a Colombian Vice-President, a needless Doberman where a Labrador could have barked.   The Major spoke into his speech, […]

Poetry of the witch

From Ginosko Literary Journal’s 12th Edition. To read the complete poem, download the entire journal here. For other editions of Ginosko, click here.