// Pome

let Word = “want” // I’ll create the background of this canvas once,
let Want = “everything” // so listen up–
let Everything = “unthinkable” // it was startling yet sought, like the striking of a match.

function setup() { // Now, burnt, I can’t reset to a point before red begins.

createCanvas(1920, 2160); // I am drawn to, drawn by, drawn from–
background(‘ ghostwhite’) } // a newly unveiled translation of original sin.

function draw() { // Word as want but also as the cliff of my throat unable to say
fill (‘ red’); // how everything hides in the ghost white bite of your teeth.

translate (960, 1080); // I unthink to function, delete so I might breathe.

rotate (frameCount/15); // But no matter how I stand I remain
textFont (‘perpetua’); // a child at the foot of your bed,
textSize (160); // dragging a tattered indigo rabbit,
text (Word,0,0); // hoping to be let in.

fill (‘ indigo’); // If I type in another language, can I frame truth less brutal?

translate (220, 0); // No. Si lo cuento en español, juro que es peor.

rotate (frameCount/80); // Es peor.

textFont (‘brutal type’); // Dark fonts cycle through me
textSize (80); // like urgent news demanding to be printed–
text (Want, 80, 0); // algorithmic, parasitic, and yet, lyric.

fill (‘ darkred’); // I rotate the viral vowels of your name forming tercets,
translate (250, 50) // couplets. Become the only contestant in a daytime gameshow
rotate (frameCount/200); // who spins the wheel, yells the phrase, takes the prize–

textFont (‘news cycle’); // until, filled and resized, I find
textSize (90); // I’ve played hard enough to exorcize.

text (Everything, 180, 0); // I shout loud to be heard beyond perpetual gyre:
// someone, please, text me the code
// that shuts this circuitry off.