I Wish for the Metaverse to Rinse off of Me

Generative poetry performance with 186 editions. 2022

I WISH FOR THE METAVERSE TO RINSE OFF OF ME is a collection about both the power and the infirmity of affirmations. Shamanic, mantra-like, willful, affirmations seek to map a desired direction. That is, until time and mind get in the way. Within brief, passing moments, our minds are able to manifest conflicting wishes—and do so via declarative, convincing statements.

This work plays inside the chasm that divides intention and action. If we don’t know what we want, how can we act? Without the commitment of mind along the vast axis of time, our affirmations risk becoming sloganistic, simplistic, unrealistic—wavering proclamations that announce our vulnerability.

Key words in these algorithmic affirmations shift over time to reflect the way our minds fluctuate. By shuffling words, this collection also explores our fluid relation to language. How to construct meaningful lives, when signification changes, moment to moment, within our minds?


Collaboration with Hieroglyphica.