Abandoned Men

Brooklyn Copeland is a young, prolific poet who has published individual poems in venues like Poetry Magazine and The New York Times. She also has several chapbooks and  full length poetry collections available. As readily available as her work is online to peruse, I found it hard to pin down. “Self-conscious” is definitely a word that came to mind. “Intentional” […]

Less than Ten Days to Submit

The Drugstore Notebook is taking submissions for April’s poem of the month contest until the 30th. This means there are less than ten days to submit three poems to thedrugstorenotebook@gmail.com. Hurry, hurry!

4.5 Days Left to Submit!

Just a quick reminder that The Drugstore Notebook is once again having a “Poem of the Month” contest. Entries for December close at the end of the month, and the year! Please send your three best poems to thedrugstorenotebook@gmail.com to participate.  

The Light On

  Because anger lets you will its volume Encourages itself upon you It is easiest to rage Make the morning a landscape of stone   It takes informed surrender to kill the light He left on through the night And sit in the unhurried darkness Of the sun on its way up   Although, in […]

My Piece “Corcovado” Now Up on Pilgrim’s Poem!

My poem about Rio de Janeiro’s emblematic hunchback hill, crowned by a massive white statue of Christ, is up this week on the community writing site “Pilgrims Poem.” Please click here to check it out! If anyone is interested in sharing their work, I recommend writing to the very kind editor of the site. Instructions […]

Woodshop: Where I Live and Work

I have to admit I am thrilled that CutBank Literary Magazine published my piece in their “Woodshop” series. The series is dedicated to showing where various writers live and work. So, this means they consider me a “writer.” Thrilling. CutBank has been around for 40 years as Montana’s foremost literary magazine. The poetry and other […]


  Say it Say the word ship Let the last letter linger on the lip   Say it Like it was sinking Due to lax disrepair   Its people saved No death washed ashore   Say it because you recall The bold rescue And the ship   The slow and slippery ship   Written 2004

Sitting Pretty

My husband has to travel for work fairly often, and I am lucky enough that I usually get to tag along. When I accompany him on his trips, I know I will end up being a co-pilot of sorts, which I actually enjoy. But, this means I won’t be lounging in a coffee shop with […]

My guest post up on Actuary Lit

I’m happy to announce that my guest post is up on Actuary Lit, a site that is a virtual gathering of literary thoughts “born of the University of Notre Dame’s MFA program.” The post is about Nobel Prize-winner Herta Muller’s “The Appointment,” a lyrical work that questions the origin of fear.

My poem “Life Things” on VerseWrights

Carl Sharpe is a retired English and creative writing teacher who manages a very active online poetry site called VerseWrights.  The magic of this site is that it welcomes completely unknown writers, such as myself, into its community of more established poets. Plus, Carl is encouraging and quick to respond. In other words, VerseWrites is nothing […]

Calder Texts

Swedish poet Tomas Transtromer visits the Calder exhibit at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Read Los Angeles 2013

A gilt frame

Suggestive but not abstract, Tomas Tranströmer’s poetry interacts with our surroundings. Read Burns Park, L.A., 2013 Related articles the Tranströmer: more than meets the eye (3quarksdaily.com)

Love Doubts

  The city and its health restaurants reach beyond my balcony on a Wednesday night.   Dinner was quick but the dining was slow. My two gay friends compared notes.   I tried to focus the talk on my ring. Purposely not a diamond, half-size edge of a ring. My display case for solidarity.   The […]

The thing we turn out to be

The first book of poetry I ever had is an anthology called Sleeping on the Wing, compiled by Kenneth Kock and Kate Farrell. It was part of my eight grade reading list. I still have it and go through it on occasion because it’s truly a great introduction to modern poetry. Since today is Friday […]

“Shell” is out on We Poets Show It

Many thanks to the great writing community of We Poets Show It for publishing my poem “Shell”! I recommend all poetry bloggers out there to stop by and check it out.  

Life Things

  The writing has left it rests far away when it was close it was closer but not as close as far when far away   There is still life yes a baby still new a father still sick a master unhere   I watch these life things gather height the in held breath of avalanche […]

He Proposed

  Last night On a balcony with an almost full moon Few people present some of them watched After champagne somewhat more wine An open view of the late summer night   Standing straight Feet steady sturdy positioned and placed On a balcony with a view a street full of trees Some people present few […]

A Chorus Line

  It is easier when you are a singer: meager lines get set to a heroic wail.   Written 2004


  The idea was good, or nobody would have paid.   3.2 million in dollars today to claim the works of God below:   Black whale boulders beached by Guanabara bay,   Dripping buildings with coastal window holes,   Polka dot slums that cut the jungle into picture frames,   The blue white yellow gold […]


  You are A long time Coming   Now All time is Your time   My time is Yours since Before   But your Time is Not mine   It is yours I get to Watch it   Feel how You are not In me   But you were There you Grew   Into a […]