History’s Best Blue

This post has nothing to do with books. It is just about the color blue. Over the course of two days in DC, I visited two museums dedicated to Modern Art. One is the Philips Collection, which claims to be the first modern art museum in the country. The other is the National Gallery of […]

A Week with Colombia’s Women Poets

I am in the small Colombian town of Roldanillo for the 30th Annual Meeting of Colombian Women Poets, held at The Rayo Museum (above). I will be here all week, the longest I spend alone in such a small town. Below is my official badge, which features an emblematic work by Omar Rayo, one of […]

The Thing with Warhol & Watts

Sometimes I feel the Universe picks my reading lists for me. Like when I read Mrs. Dalloway after Ulysses, not knowing the first was inspired by the second.  Or when I got The God of Small Things at an airport on my way to, of all places, Kerala.  And so it is that I read The Philosophy […]

Somewhere, it’s pool time

  While getting Lady Chatterley’s Lover for a friend’s birthday, I found a thin book on David Hockney and couldn’t resist. Thin art books are great because there is a much better chance that you will actually read them. This one is by Peter Clothier, from the Abbeville Modern Masters collection. Above is a nimble […]