How to Heal Yourself with Your Hands

800px-Irie_Revoltee_SO36_HandsNot too long ago, I read a book called The Healing Codes, written by Dr. Alex Loyd. The book offers a method of healing any health or emotional problem. It was recommended to me by the most well-respected bioenergetic doctor in Colombia, so I took it seriously.

Rather than pre-empting a verdict on the veracity of the book, I prefer to present a quick outline below.

The Premise

  1. Stress is the cause of all illness.
  2. Stress is caused by negative energy that exists at a cellular level in the body.
  3. Negative energy is caused by emotional problems, past traumas, events, the subconscious.
  4. All memories, images and resulting wrong beliefs are stored in our cells as energy, be it negative or positive.
  5. The body and mind work together to protect the heart from potentially harmful situations by burying trauma and its negative energy deep inside, making it very hard to find and heal.
  6. To truly heal we need to get to this negative energy and transform it into positive energy.
  7. Transformative energy is available to all of us via love.

The Solution

The Healing Codes transform the hands into magnets that increase the presence of a higher energy that is available to all of us. The codes channel this power and focus it on special energy centers in the body, always via the hands.

They consist of four hand exercises aimed at four special energy centers in the body (SEE IMAGES):

  1. The space between the brows
  2. The Adam’s Apple
  3. The rear jawbone, in front of the lower earlobe
  4. The temples

The hands are held in front of each of these four spots with fingers held closely together and aimed right at each center, as pictured in the images below. Each position is held for thirty seconds. The Healing Codes book recommends doing three daily sessions per day for at least six minutes each, but this can be modified according to your life and needs




The Strategy

First, it is recommended you choose our biggest issue, the problem that is troubling you the most. The book offers a lovely, short prayer that can work for everyone:

“I pray that all memories, images and wrong beliefs related to (ISSUE) be found, opened and healed, by filling me with light, life and love of God. I pray that this healing be increased one hundred times.”

You can repeat this same prayer over and over while you do the hand exercises. Eventually, the premise is that the love that channels into you will heal even the most profound trauma.

Once, you’ve solved your biggest issue, then, other problems can be addressed. The book divides all issues and problems into these twelve categories:

  1. Unforgiveness
  2. Harmful Actions
  3. Wrong Beliefs
  4. Love vs. Selfishness
  5. Joy vs. Sadness/Depression
  6. Peace vs. Anxiety/Fear
  7. Patience vs. Anger/Frustration/Impatience
  8. Kindness vs. Rejection/Harshness
  9. Goodness vs. Not Being Good Enough
  10. Trust vs. Control
  11. Humility vs. Unhealthy Pride/Arrogance/Image Control
  12. Self-Control vs. Loss of Control

If anyone is interested in going deeper into this practice, you can buy the book and register it online. This gives you access to something called the Heart Issues Finder, which can help you identify what issues you should work on the most.

But, if you know what is bothering you, then you can simply do the hand exercises and modify the prayer stated above according to your problems. So, you could insert things like “related to my addiction,” “related to my difficulty forgiving my father,” “related to my lack of patience with my boss,” “related to my aggression,” etc. into the prayer stated above and obtain results.

How long you need to spend on each issue will depend on its size. If you had an annoying exchange with a relative, you can focus your attention on the exchange and do the codes on this specific event. Provided the event is not linked to a deeper issue, the codes should work within a single sitting.

Doing it for Someone Else

You can practice the codes for someone else. All you need to do is make the changes below:

“I pray that all memories, images and wrong beliefs related to (ISSUE) be found, opened and healed, by filling (person’s name) with light, life and love of God. I pray that this healing be increased one hundred times.”

My Experience

I began using the codes months ago on a problem I’ve had for over a decade. So far, I feel I am unearthing dark memories, but also cleaning them. The problem got worse, and now it is getting better.

I’ve also applied the codes to small, everyday events with much more immediate success. So, I am a believer, and as is the case with any transformation, for it to come about, you have to believe.

Photo Credit: Libertinus and The Healing Codes book

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