Ana María Caballero is a first-generation Colombian-American poet and artist. Her work explores how biology delimits societal and cultural rites, ripping the veil from romanticized motherhood and questioning notions that package sacrifice as a virtue. She’s the recipient of the Beverly International Prize, Colombia’s José Manuel Arango National Poetry Prize, the Steel Toe Books Poetry Prize, a Future Arts Writer Award and a Sevens Foundation Grant. Recognized as a leading voice in contemporary digital poetry, she’s been nominated for a MAXXI BVLGARI Prize in the Digital Sector, shortlisted for a Lumen Prize and been a finalist for the both Vassar Miller and Academy of American Poetry Prizes. Her work has been widely published and exhibited internationally in museums, galleries and public spaces.


Paperwork, released in partnership with Bright Moments, is a performance-based, long-form generative AI collection of digital paper sculptures carved from individual emotional responses to the spoken-word poetry of Ana María Caballero. Throughout 2023, Caballero performed her poems in numerous venues across the world, inviting audience members to write down one word in response to her verse on sheets of paper. She gathered these slips of paper—these distilled, private moments of connection to her readings—and used each word to actuate Paperwork’s compositions, honoring paper’s haptic eloquence and materializing lived experiences via the digital form.

"futuro hoy"

Being Borges

Being Borges is a poetic and (post)photographic recasting of Jorge Luis Borges and Margarita Guerrero’s Book of Imaginary Beings. Presented in partnership with Berlin gallery Office Impart and London-based Verse Works, this ongoing series begs the question: what is at stake when language becomes literal via the visual?

A Bao A Qu: Image Generated by Caballero's Poem. Available as part of a collector's set. Edition of 1.
The Elephant that Foretold the Birth of the Buddha: Image Generated by di Giovanni's English Translation. Available as part of a collector's set. Edition of 1.
Shang Yang: The Rain Bird: Image Generated by Caballero's Poem. Available as part of a collector's set. Edition of 1.
Shang Yang: The Rain Bird.


In September 2023, Ana María Caballero and Alex Estorick launched artifacts, a long-form generative AI project on The Emprops platform. This collection imagines a new token economy where both image and coinage can challenge tired histories.

Ways To Misspell Obsidian

WAYS TO MISSPELL OBSIDIAN is a collection of spoken-word poems by Ana María Caballero that investigates and celebrates the storytelling potential of long-form poetry. Following the passing of a very close friend, Caballero composed JUAN, a eulogy-in-verse. This text serves as both precursor and companion to “Ways to Misspell Obsidian,” a lyric essay written years later in which details of Juan’s passing are braided into the story of the intoxication of Caballero’s young son with nail polish remover.


Edition 1/1


Edition 1/1


Edition 1/1