Trip Poem #6 – Singapore


Singapore changes colors differently:


It begins on the water

Less light to flatter

The bean-shaped bay whose boats

Now foam a shadow wake


Then traffic and car lights whip on

Lights of movement and of caution

And of waiting

For some other’s turn to run


Next come the office and apartment lights

Spaces occupied by life


The onslaught of the dark


Now come spectacle lights

A gambol of cerulean hues

White lines unfurl on the surface

Of a curved lotus roof


Violet LEDs envolve

A swinging helix bridge

Bank signs flash their cyclops eye

Upon their vertical glass skin


Finally the sky swerves

Clouds lurch for the lack of light

Suck in their talcum chests

Until a cobalt belly shines


The last transformation

Into omniscient black

Travels through flesh-tones

Too familiar too carnal to watch

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