“The Napkin Trick” Now Up on VerseWrights

My poem “The Napkin Trick” is up today on the front page of VerseWrights poetry community. A big thank you to Carl Sharpe, its founder and very dedicated editor.

Here is the complete text of the poem:


The Napkin Trick

It’s been done before:

The intention of conversation
starts and ends with a slow walk
around a familiar, short block —
the light purse or empty pocket.

after all
should only call for some cash.)

A set of doors is chosen
but not broached,

and reluctance comes as a reminder

of isolated drinks
where music from cars
(circling the block in search of a parking spot)
is forgotten
on the front and back
of a red paper napkin.


“The Napkin Trick” was originally published by Toasted Cheese Literary Magazine

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