Now Open for Submissions!

Getting published is hard, unfriendly work. As a result, I feel immense gratitude toward every outlet that has agreed to publish my poems. But, I wasn’t sure what to do with all this gratitude until the obvious answer became, well, obvious.

Starting today The Drugstore Notebook is open for submissions! My goal is to start a “Poem of the Month” series in which I select the strongest poem I receive during the previous month.

While I am quite aware that getting published here by no means represents literary success, I do hope it’s an interesting way for aspiring writers to share their work.

So, please send me your best poems, three at a time, in the body of an email to

Submissions close on September 30th for October’s “Poem of the Month.” I will publish the selection sometime in mid-October and promote it as best I can.

Looking forward to reading your work,




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