Modern General

Today I spent the afternoon visiting Santa Fe’s impressive contemporary art galleries with my husband. Who knew that Santa Fe ties with LA for the number two slot in art sales in the country, after New York of course. 

Then I wondered into a store called Modern General that doesn’t sell much of anything, really. But it is a lovely, thoroughly unique shop, much like many in Santa Fe. 

I found the book in the picture and spent some time going through it while my husband made some calls. His work allows, even encourages, travel, but he spends a lot of time on the phone. So I am an expert of sorts at solitary travel, and I love it. 

Nothing more indulgent than visiting a museum alone or walking out of a hotel with nowhere to go. 

The book looks like a great read, so I decided to share. It’s not really for me though. I feel as if I already read it long ago. 

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