May’s Poet of the Month

poet photograph Every couple of months I like to feature a poem by a gifted emerging writer. This month, I would like to feature a poet and several of his poems. His name is G.M. Melvin and here is his bio, in his words:

For creature comforts (& the cold cash necessary to trade for them) I work nights at an all night govt. factory (USPS) here in Southwest Florida, but come dawn, I truly awaken to my real job. I (SavingGracefully) take up a pen.
Love & mercy, G.R. Melvin

Below is the first of three poem I will be sharing by Mr. Melvin. Enjoy!


When I don’t hear from her
When we don’t talk
Instead of what might
just happen in late night
screwball comedies,
A black & white
Where he keeps
Just missing her,
& unknown to her, her one & only is so near,
& you watch & wait for them to wise up,
For when their timing improves.
When I don’t hear from her
When we don’t talk
Instead of just sitting tight,
& trusting the plot twists,
& trusting our protagonists,
& holding still for all that insignificant subterfuge
Until it all plays out that
They can finally take cuts in the
Everything’s-Fine waiting line/
Instead of that
He keeps just missing her.
Yesterday at the yoga class
I was asked to exhale out
All the inside I saw as unsettled.
And all this matter turned to air.
Then, to take in a new air. A More awake. A More aware

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