Lover Created, Because, Destroyed

Such an honor to see my review of Luis Panini’s book The Destruction of the Lover published in Tupelo Quarterly. My review seeks to articulate Lawrence Schimel’s translation of Panini’s original Spanish text, a translation that forms part of the Pleiades Press Series in Translation.

Tupelo is a journal I’ve admired for so long. One that publishes readable yet labored yet unexpected poetry. Seeing my sentences alongside those of Tupelo’s other writers is an encouraging sight. One I hope to see (at least!) once more.

Below is the introduction to this month’s reviews, as written by the journal’s editor Kristina Marie Darling.

I’m thrilled to introduce three new additions to the Reviews Page at Tupelo Quarterly. First, Travis Chi Wing Lau has contributed an incisive piece on Rachel Galvin’s Elevated Threat Level.  Lau offers a beautifully rendered discussion of an accomplished book, as well as a thought-provoking meditation on stylistic innovation,  contemporary politics, and otherness.  Additionally,  Kate Hanson Foster has written a lyric appreciation of Sarah Sousa’s See the Wolf, using this gorgeous work as a point of entry to larger questions about language, culture, and violence. Lastly, Ana Maria Caballaro engages Luis Panini’s Destruction of the Lover in prose as vibrant as the book itself.

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