It’s a Mystery


Something incredible happened last weekend: I read a book.  The best part was that it happened almost without me noticing.

Due to the recent birth of my daughter, I’ve been unable to focus on, well, anything.  I am tired, sure, but also just mentally shut off. However, I read the book above over the span of two afternoons without breaking a sweat. The reason it worked so well? It’s a mystery.

A mystery novel, that is.

Written by fabled Belgian écrivan George Simenon, “Maigret at the Crossroads” is part of the vast library of Maigret detective novels. Simenon wrote nearly 200 books before his death in 1989, most of them devoted to Jules Maigret, private eye.

A sordid love story is at the center of the short caper, which, although not revealed to the very end, drives the tale forward. Anyone with a dirty mind can sense something naughty is going on beneath the surface and the urge/need to confirm it is what makes this such a fun read.

Two barely awake thumbs up.

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