December’s Poem of the Month!



You don’t see me.

Mouth full of food.

Acorn. Or chestnut.

Round and round the mulberry bush

Or tree

Sycamore I think.

Non native – like you.

Bloody foreigners.

Been here years you plead.

Family all work.

Pay our taxes.

People don’t like our colour.

Looks fine to me.



It’s the accent, cant shake that.

I only wanted to take a photo.

Come back.





Congratulations to Christopher Lough for winning December’s “Poem of the Month” Contest! It was a very difficult choice, but his intriguing piece “Squirrel” came out on top. A very big thank you to all who participated.

Here is a bit about Christopher:

Christopher Robert Lough is a Scottish writer, primarily writing poetry and non-fiction, who by day works in a call centre as a customer services representative. Currently calls Nottingham home, in a self-imposed reasonless exile.

He has an HND in Countryside Management which was a natural progression for furthering knowledge of animal behavior and the environment, as well as following his passion for all things ornithological.

Has been cursed with a zeal for travelling and has done time in Asia, Antipodea as well as Europe, which offer an endless well of characters, smells, sights and sounds to draw (or write) from.


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