Special Thanks to Red Savina Review

I wanted to send a special shout out to New Mexico’s Red Savina Review and to its co-founding editor Wendy Gist for sharing the publication of my book, mid-life, with their readers. Wendy is a remarkable writer whose book Moods of the Dream Fog is available for purchase via Finishing Line Press. To purchase “mid-life,” please click […]


Te lo vi

  Yo lo vi; te lo vi todo.   Te vi mi mano abriendo y cerrando el cuero de un libro pesado.   Te vi mi mano mostrando y tapando el reflejo de un tenedor bordado.   Te vi mi piel guardada.   Te vi la falta de crucifijos en las paredes de mi casa. […]


Domingo 3 and/or Sunday 3

A few of the poems from my book “Entre domingo y domingo” were published last month in “Jai-Alai Magazine.” Since “Jai Alai” is a multi-lingual literary review based in Miami, they were interested in publishing the poems in both English and Spanish. It was the first time I translated my own work and thoroughly enjoyed the […]