Caballero created two artworks for bitforms’ Code Chronicles exhibition, curated by Aleksandra Artamonovskaj. Things I Am Saving to Write is inspired by Ernest Hemingway’s story “The Snows of Kilimanjaro,” in which the main character is unexpectedly and irrevocably faced with his imminent mortality. This poem, originally published in prestigious literary journal Salamander, was visualized for the exhibition via artificial intelligence.

As a poet, Caballero uses words to generate images within people’s minds. By using the imagery of her verse as the foundation of AI prompting and then crafting a visual narrative from these images, Caballero brings our collective unconscious into direct dialogue with language’s unspoken connotations, calling forth the entanglements of meaning-making.

During the length of the exhibition, visitors contributed things they were saving to write, giving birth to the collaborative poem Things We Are Saving to Write, which condensed over 100 contributions into a cohesive artwork.