Edition of 5, 2021

Offspring is part of Blue Prints, a closed collection of five poems that subtly responds to the concept of a “roadmap” vis à vis the creative process. Rather than asking where art may lead, Caballero invites readers to consider where art comes from by sharing her own poetic practice.

The media-rich poems in Caballero’s Blue Prints collection are linked graphically but also thematically. Each poem approaches the question of what drives literary creation from a different perspective, but, in all, inevitability is palpable.

For Caballero, writing is not a matter of choice or of destination–instead, writing is her blueprint, at once the origin, essence and design.



{What will I do with all these #poems

The good ones won’t get ://published
(Until one day they do)

[But what about the ones
The ones I_write abstracted

(Or bored)
They are #poemstoo]

It always comes—
“The ‘moment’ I release history”

& plot my life as print}