Kylo Ren + the Divine Feminine

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“Kylo Ren + the Divine Feminine” is a story in verse that unfolds hour by hour. It’s an intimate peek inside one woman’s sleepless, disheveled mind as she attempts to cope with overwhelming feelings of neglect, desire, and failure.

Each hour is in dialogue with time past and time future—both textually and visually—underlining the cyclical, convoluted nature of our thoughts. People often feel they are trapped inside a single day that repeats itself without end. But, by confining itself to the timeframe of day, Caballero’s work reveals that it is not time but thoughts that entrap us.

“Kylo Ren + the Divine Feminine” purposefully alternates between the mundane and the transcendental to reveal how the inescapable rhythm of dawn, noon, dusk, and night governs our physical and emotional hunger.

Though any section could be the first, or the last, readers might consider starting at 6:00 am.


On September 1, 2021, beginning at 6:00 am EST, Caballero performed “Kylo Ren + the Divine Feminine” on her Twitter Space by reciting each section on the hour for twenty-four hours straight. The performance was accompanied by a tweet sent at the exact start of each hour, which contained nothing other than the section Caballero read.

The twenty-four tweets are available here.

A live, spoken performance of the piece is available below.

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