Abandoned Men

Brooklyn Copeland is a young, prolific poet who has published individual poems in venues like Poetry Magazine and The New York Times. She also has several chapbooks and  full length poetry collections available.

As readily available as her work is online to peruse, I found it hard to pin down. “Self-conscious” is definitely a word that came to mind. “Intentional” is another. But, then I also wanted to say “evocative” and “effective.”

I considered “skilled” but then read a few poems again and changed my mind. “Simple” is a word that comes up again and again. “Simple” is good, as it is in Copeland’s case. But “skilled” is no doubt a better word.

Perhaps the poems below is skilled. It’s hard to tell. But, it’s most certainly evocative and effective. One thing is for sure: it is short and ends well, as if the poem itself was built to present the last five lines. The lines deserve it.

Prayer’s End
Nature remains
            faithful by
                         natural light,
only. Immeasurable,
            invisible in the wind.
                         Visible when
            and branches bend.
                         The wind
speaks fluent
            rain. Despite it
                         the rain
falls straight. And beyond it
abandoned barns

Photo Credit: C.E. Price


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