A Starting List

This Common Era lap number 2,019 around our sun, I seek to confirm in action what I’ve been amassing over several years into a personal collage of religious beliefs.  I identify my beliefs as religious because their aim is to traverse the moral bounds of a “correct” life to enable proximity to God. 

If I’ve learned anything from scripture is that to make, first you must say. So, I made a list. Assembled below by alphabetical order is my single favorite teaching from ten of the world’s most followed religions.  Over the course of the coming weeks, I will expound on each. 

  • Buddhism  –  Acceptance
  • Christianity  –  Unconditional Love
  • Confucianism – Respect
  • Daoism – Longevity
  • Hinduism – Religiosity
  • Islam  – Disciplined Prayer
  • Jainism – Tolerance
  • Judaism – Academic Faith
  • Shintoism – Reverence in Nature
  • Voudoun – Desire as Divine

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