Ana Maria Caballero’s poems are part of the second edition of Etherpoems, the literary venture that first minted a series of curated NFT poems directly onto the Ethereum blockchain. Etherpoems’ first edition launched in June 2021 and sold out overnight.

“Etherpoems 2: Spoken Word” is a closed, curated crypto-anthology featuring 160 new-media poems by twenty-one internationally-based Etherpoets. All works can be experienced at and are one-of-a-kind collectible tokens.

Conceived by digital art pioneer Artchick, Etherpoems empowers poets and builds community among literary-minded creatives in the crypto space. Starting with Artchick’s deliberate Twitter provocation—“It’s time for poets to get rich”—the project challenges the age-old paradigm of writers failing to be adequately compensated for their contributions to culture.

As a collectively deployed contract, all proceeds from claimed Etherpoems and royalties from secondary sales are split among contributors trustlessly through blockchain technology—a revolutionary model for publishing. Sales of Etherpoems have generated over $150,000 for the collective.

Part group show, part literary anthology, part technological innovation, Etherpoems is an entirely new way to create, publish, experience and value literature.