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Loved vs. Beloved

As I get deeper into my reading of Toni Morrison’s “Beloved,” I marvel more and more at how the title shadows over the book’s content.

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Master’s Class

Up until last week, the class I am taking on the work of Audre Lorde and Toni Morrison as part of the requirements for my

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Hijra Means Everything

“Hijra” is the key with which to unlock Arundhati Roy’s The Ministry of Utmost Happiness, an intricate, convoluted “Hijra” means “hermaphrodite” in Urdu, the official language

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I don’t know who “Jonno” is. Maybe I missed it. Maybe it’s no one, maybe everyone. But poet Audre Lorde wrote him, wrote her a

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A Belly for Twins

Kiki Petrosino wrote one of the most haunting books of poetry I’ve read in a while. It’s called “Witch Wife” and contains many off-set poems,

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On Pink

Pink’s having a moment. So much so that New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology is hosting an exhibition on the color’s transformation. In a piece

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The Decisive Moment

When I read photo-father Cartier-Bresson’s quote, underlined above, I thought of Instagram and its social media derivations, which increasingly dictate how humans interact with image.  I

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The Fear-Based Market

This story, published on the front page of yesterday’s Wall Street Journal, delivers good news, of sorts. Gun sales in the U.S. have slowed during

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Imminent Haunt

Yes, yes. Moments of imminent haunt. Such as now, with a full moon in Piscis fast approaching. Time to malinger. From “H is for Hawk”

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As quoted by Helen Macdonald in “H is for Hawk.” I think loneliness is an invention of urbanity, of History’s suddenly crowded core. There is

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“No, I haven’t read it,” the bookstore owner said from behind the counter, peering at the book in my hand: “Less,” by Andrew Sean Greer.

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Perfidious Samosa

As a poet one can only pray to write couplets akin to “sly snacks”. And present them as “perfidious samosas.” From Arundhati Roy’s “The Ministry

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Above, evidence of the type of cultural history that is difficult to learn outside of literature. From Arundhati Roy’s “Ministry of Utmost Happiness.”

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Utmost Hapiness

I knew Jennifer Egan was speaking at Greenlight Bookstore on Fulton Street last night, but that’s not why I went. Sure, it was good to

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Good Gore

Sometimes a story is so good it doesn’t matter how it’s told. The facts against a flat surface remain dense, flamboyant, no matter how simply

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Mammal Twenty

Published by About Place Journal time and small children time to think too much of it the child plays

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They say our planet is ending + I believe them—belief not in the manner religion is bred—but, simply—I

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Height of Beauty

Secret obsessions, private mad endeavors, finally, unintentionally, revealed are so fragile they break the beholder’s heart. Which beckons

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