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Poems Heavy as Poached Game

Scenes from Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Sharon Olds’ first book of poems “Satan Says.” In the background, Paola Pivi’s solo exhibit at the Miami Beach Bass

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Christianity Religion


This post is the second part of a ten part exploration of what I consider to be the most valuable teachings from some of the

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Mimetic, et al.

“Mimetic” is my Word of the Day. Synonymous (yes, at once!) with “echoic,” “apish,” “slavish” and “canned.” From John D’Agata’s genre-bending, lyrical, US-centered tour of

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A Zorse

A “zorse” is the word to use when speaking of the offspring between a zebra and a horse. Also, say this out-loud: Kanye is half

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The fascinating thing about fascination is fascination itself. Obsession works in similar ways. An obsession, a swallowing up of will by all encompassing drive, takes

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A Starting List

This Common Era lap number 2,019 around our sun, I seek to confirm in action what I’ve been amassing over several years into a personal

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If you, too, were wondering, this is what forty exclamation marks look like: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! From Sarah Blake’s “Mr. West”.

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Good Gossip

Just gonna call it: Naipaul dishing on Tolstoy smacking on Gandhi is the best thing I will read for the rest of this year. All

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In Closing

About a week ago I finished reading Helen Macdonald’s “H is for Hawk,” a book ostensibly about falconry, but actually about grief and how it

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A vision of how wilderness has become the same as rarity. From “H is for Hawk,” a book to read in spread out installments so

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I am posting this ostensibly to share the sustaining beauty of Toni Morrison’s writing, but actually to remind myself of sentence structure splendor when “ostensibly”

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Mammal Twenty

Published by About Place Journal time and small children time to think too much of it the child plays

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They say our planet is ending + I believe them—belief not in the manner religion is bred—but, simply—I

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Height of Beauty

Secret obsessions, private mad endeavors, finally, unintentionally, revealed are so fragile they break the beholder’s heart. Which beckons

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