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Post Partum

For months I’ve considered embarking on my third book of poems. And for months I have not.  I finally know why: the emptiness that “one

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Without Fear or Favor

I just spent ten days marveling at Asia. But, despite the magic of travel, no trip I’ve taken has ever been tinged with such sorrow. Every

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Life as List

“The Time when Bookstores Went Out of Business” is a label that fits the first few decades of this century. I’ve encountered more closing book

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One Art

This week’s “Economist” magazine includes a review of a new biography on one of America’s greatest poets ever: Elizabeth Bishop.  Highlighted above is one of

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The silence of the poem returns: Perhaps it is by sudden, suburban death Close enough to cry in dry heaves of breath Perhaps it is

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Take Note

Joan Didion on the importance of note taking.  From “The Year of Magical Thinking”. 

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Poet-Aches and Toothaches

Pains of the soul versus pains of the tooth. From Hans Christian Andersen’s story “Auntie Toothache,” found in the  Penguin Classic compilation of his “Fairy

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Magical Thinking

For a few weeks this book has been on my mind. Didion, Didion, Didion. And her “Year of Magical Thinking,” written during the first year

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Bon Voyage

I can think of few things I enjoy more than buying a new book at an airport. The thought of being trapped in the air

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Break Point Break

British artist Fiona Banner turned the opening scenes of the cult classic Point Break into a huge canvas with red words. The point? Convey the

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Survival of the Horniest

During a recent blissful Sunday afternoon on a London rooftop a friend dutifully informs me that, from an evolutionary perspective, our happiness is problematic. He

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No to New Neon

Neon art began in the 1960’s when an artist named Dan Flavin first displayed it in a New York gallery. Back then neon was street, current

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Mammal Twenty

Published by About Place Journal time and small children time to think too much of it the child plays

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They say our planet is ending + I believe them—belief not in the manner religion is bred—but, simply—I

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Height of Beauty

Secret obsessions, private mad endeavors, finally, unintentionally, revealed are so fragile they break the beholder’s heart. Which beckons

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