Final Poem by May’s Poet of the Month

It Amazes Me How I Heart the Hazy Art I tried to maintain straightfacedness “Photography.. Is  taking  paintings’  places At our public art palaces.” Said a sad man in line, up ahead, “Imaginably.. Detail  has its beauty..but the thing Is..A twin image is less interesting.” This made me mention McLuhan, Not the man, but the […]

Another Poem by May’s Poet of the Month

THERE’S  FOG There’s fog. Then, there’s people landing planes at all hours. There’s dogs chasing birds on runways. And one way those people in those towers can plan to, and see to, land planes is the guts to go with the guages. They heartfelt dealt with data, Trusted all they’d seen on their farforeign &; […]

May’s Poet of the Month

Every couple of months I like to feature a poem by a gifted emerging writer. This month, I would like to feature a poet and several of his poems. His name is G.M. Melvin and here is his bio, in his words: For creature comforts (& the cold cash necessary to trade for them) I […]

Less than Ten Days to Submit

The Drugstore Notebook is taking submissions for April’s poem of the month contest until the 30th. This means there are less than ten days to submit three poems to Hurry, hurry!

That Time of the Poetry Month

Dear readers, it is that time again. In honor of National Poetry Month, I am launching another “Poem of the Month” contest this April. Please send three of your best pieces to by April 30th to enter. Looking forward to reading your work!

December’s Poem of the Month!

  Squirrel You don’t see me. Mouth full of food. Acorn. Or chestnut. Round and round the mulberry bush Or tree Sycamore I think. Non native – like you. Bloody foreigners. Been here years you plead. Family all work. Pay our taxes. People don’t like our colour. Looks fine to me. Silver. Sleek. It’s the […]

4.5 Days Left to Submit!

Just a quick reminder that The Drugstore Notebook is once again having a “Poem of the Month” contest. Entries for December close at the end of the month, and the year! Please send your three best poems to to participate.  

Submit, Submit

I took a two week, undesired, break from my blog to set up my house, my home. This is not a complaint. Just fact. I could not write with boxes to unpack and paintings to hang. So I stopped trying to write and unpacked, and hung, and then unpacked a bit more. Now, I can say […]

October’s “Poem of the Month” is Here!

I am thrilled to announce that The Drugstore Notebook’s first-ever “Poem of the Month” feature had a great turnout. Thank you to everyone who participated! The winner is Miriam Sagan, pictured above, and her poem is featured below: Ojo Caliente. July. Hotel Porch. swimming, I break the reflection of the cliff into ripples which re-assemble once […]