A Young Adult Novel Written Entirely in Verse

I recently visited the main branch of the Miami Public Library System and was strongly impressed by what I found. Although the entire library was elegant, spacious, well-stocked and easy to decipher, the teen’s section was truly remarkable. There were large signs indicating that only 12-19 year-olds were allowed to use the area, which was equipped with […]

Too Much of a Good Thing

This weekend, I finished reading “An Abundance of Katherines,” written by John Green, the young adult genre’s most recently enduring darling. Throughout ninety percent of the 350-ish page book, I was in heaven. It was silly but had relevant research to keep it grounded (Tesla cars, for example, are named after the Serbian-American engineer Nicola Tesla). The […]


A dash through the Miami Airport’s Books & Books depot left me with these three gems. Guess I was in a gringo mood as all three choices are all about the States. I even bought my first girly young adult book. Could it be that America invented adolescence? Happy Sunday to all.