Suicide Off Egg Rock

  I dislike mentioning suicide when speaking about Sylvia Plath. But, today, it’s truly inevitable because the poem I chose for this week is in fact about suicide. Not hers, however. The suffering soul here is a nameless man who is disgusted by life, its sounds and waste, “that landscape / Of imperfections his bowels were […]

Small Birds Converge

I feel that there is always something dark and sinister looming over the poems of Sylvia Plath. Sure, her personal story, ending in suicide, hangs heavy. But, take this poem pictured above, “The Manor Garden.” From the title, one could simply expect a piece about a garden, perhaps succumbing to fall.  But the nature imagery isn’t […]

Where Men are Mended

In her poem above, Sylvia Plath is speaking about hospitals, where people are in fact reconstructed. The eerie way in which she described the process of healing makes it clear that the poet is not as well as one would hope.  Below is the full extent of the poem and Plath’s dark descent. Please click here to hear her […]

Feet to the Stars

One of my favorite Sylvia Plath poems is actually short and sweet. It’s called ”You’re,” and it is basically a silly love poem. Here are the entire two stanzas of the poem, in case the image above is not clear enough: Clownlike, happiest on your hands, Feet to the stars, and moon-skulled, Gilled like a fish. […]