New Poetry in Spanish

Zócalo Poets, a dynamic community of multi-lingual writers, published some of my Spanish poetry. I will be posting the poems over this upcoming week. Here is the first, about the moment in a relationship when things are about to take off, but, before they do, we must simply wait. I have a complete poetry book […]

La Pañalera

  Debo cambiarte Sin contar la vez   Destapar esa blancura Tan frágil como papel   Mojar algodón Desdoblar untar   Todo contigo es manual Mi palma es tu puño en tu boca   Cada contacto confirma Tu tamaño ante mi   Para ti ritual Es un simple juego más     Escrito 2013

Spanish Prayer

A simple and stunning poem by the Colombian poetess Maria Mercedez Carranza. My clumsy translation is below: Prayer No more dawns or fashions, no more light, no more tasks, no more instants. Just dirt, dirt in the eyes, between the mouth and the ears; dirt upon the crushed chests; dirt inside the dry womb; dirt […]

A Mutis woman

Alvaro Mutis, one of Colombia’s most beloved writers, died today at age 90. A surprising number of media outlets are reporting the news and recalling Maqroll, the sailor that Mutis wrote to life. But, he created another memorable seaman, Captain Jon Iturri, who plays the hero in The Tramp Steamer’s Last Port of Call, one of the […]