Everything in One Picture

   The photo above, by Estonian photographer Alexander Gronsky, broke my heart.  Even though it is a small reprint of a reprint in a newspaper, the image transmits the desolation found at the limits of civilization, where it is uncertain if the laws of nature or man apply.  According to Gronsky, these landscapes, the margins […]


Simply Put, in a Poem

Today, I have a very quick poem to share.  It is from Russian poet Marina Tsvetaeva, pictured above, and it’s called “I am happy living simply.” She was writing between 1892 and 1941, which for me adds even more value to the poem below: I am happy living simply: like a clock, or a calendar. Worldly pilgrim, […]


Maya – who? Mayakovsky! Part I

  There is fun to be had in Russian literature via Vladimir Mayakovsky. Here is one of four excerpts from his titanic poem The Cloud in Trousers. Read New York, 2004 Related articles Mayakovsky monument attracts dissidents and dreamers ( A look back at the life of Vladimir Mayakovsky ( Understanding Mayakovsky, the dark and […]