A Schedule of Poetry Chapbook Contests

As I am finally feeling ready to send out a small collection of my recent work for publication, I’ve been on the hunt for as many poetry chapbook contests as I can find. The good news is that there are many. The bad news is that they all charge. Even those that “don’t” require you […]

Yellow Tomatoes

  I once thought I could know anything   The death knowledge of the Buddha The clarifying call of Gabriel Former lives and abetting suns That enthrall worlds more able than mine   I too never doubted my time supply To be the daughter of the dying father Who buries without the blow of love […]

December’s Poem of the Month!

  Squirrel You don’t see me. Mouth full of food. Acorn. Or chestnut. Round and round the mulberry bush Or tree Sycamore I think. Non native – like you. Bloody foreigners. Been here years you plead. Family all work. Pay our taxes. People don’t like our colour. Looks fine to me. Silver. Sleek. It’s the […]

4.5 Days Left to Submit!

Just a quick reminder that The Drugstore Notebook is once again having a “Poem of the Month” contest. Entries for December close at the end of the month, and the year! Please send your three best poems to thedrugstorenotebook@gmail.com to participate.  

Duck, Duck, Prize

Last night, I received an actual, tangible, physical poetry prize, printed on thick paper and wrapped in red leather. The mayor of a small Colombian town called El Carmen de Viboral handed it to me in a short but elegant ceremony. I, of course, am still in shock. Especially by what the prize entails – a […]

Submit, Submit

I took a two week, undesired, break from my blog to set up my house, my home. This is not a complaint. Just fact. I could not write with boxes to unpack and paintings to hang. So I stopped trying to write and unpacked, and hung, and then unpacked a bit more. Now, I can say […]

October’s “Poem of the Month” is Here!

I am thrilled to announce that The Drugstore Notebook’s first-ever “Poem of the Month” feature had a great turnout. Thank you to everyone who participated! The winner is Miriam Sagan, pictured above, and her poem is featured below: Ojo Caliente. July. Hotel Porch. swimming, I break the reflection of the cliff into ripples which re-assemble once […]

Last Weekend to Submit!

Send three of your best poems to thedrugstorenotebook@gmail.com to participate in our new “Poem of the Month” feature. Submissions close September 30th so take advantage of the weekend to send your work out to the world!

“The Napkin Trick” Now Up on VerseWrights

My poem “The Napkin Trick” is up today on the front page of VerseWrights poetry community. A big thank you to Carl Sharpe, its founder and very dedicated editor. Here is the complete text of the poem:   The Napkin Trick It’s been done before: The intention of conversation starts and ends with a slow […]

No Weekend Plans? Submit to The Drugstore Notebook!

Only eighteen days left to submit to The Drugstore Notebook’s first ever “Poem of the Month” call for submissions. Send up to three poems to thedrugstorenotebook@gmail.com. The selected poem will be shared with our nearly 6,000 followers!

Paco, Published

    After two rejections, Smoking Glue Gun Magazine finally accepted one of my poems, “Paco,” above. Thrilled to be included in their catalog of well-crafted work.  

Now Open for Submissions!

Getting published is hard, unfriendly work. As a result, I feel immense gratitude toward every outlet that has agreed to publish my poems. But, I wasn’t sure what to do with all this gratitude until the obvious answer became, well, obvious. Starting today The Drugstore Notebook is open for submissions! My goal is to start a “Poem […]

The Awesomest Poem Title

Mark Leidner is an MFA student at the ultra prestigious Iowa Writer’s Workshop, where good writers go get ready to be nearly famous. Mark Leidner is also a filmmaker and a very accessible poet. His work is so easy to read that it seems almost un-crafted. But this sort of trickery is the sign of a […]

My Poem “Said and Done” Published by “Silver Birch Press”!

    It was a pleasure to discover Los Angeles based “Silver Birch Press” on WordPress not too long ago. They will be sharing a few of my poems with the world in the upcoming months. And for that I am intensely grateful. Here is the first poem, “Said and Done,” part of their Self-Portrait […]

“The Napkin Trick” in Dagda Publishing

  It’s been done before: The inten­tion of con­ver­sa­tion starts and ends with a slow walk around a famil­iar, short block – the light purse or empty pocket. (Tonight after all should only call for some cash.) A set of doors is cho­sen but not broached, and reluc­tance comes as a reminder of iso­lated drinks where […]

New Year, New (About) Me

The Drugstore Notebook recently turned one. To celebrate, I updated what truly was a pitiful “About Me” section. Please visit my new About page, which now includes links to my published works. As always, thank you for reading!

How Others Do It

A Literation Magazine published two of my poems. I posted the first yesterday. Here is the second. Check out the great work they do to promote emerging writers here!

My Poems on The Furious Gazelle!

Several of my poems can now be read at The Furious Gazelle literary journal, based out of Brooklyn, New York. Please visit their site to check them out! Below is one of the five published poems:   Bathroom Talk   Watching you pee in front of me while we talk about not being late It’s […]

My Piece “Corcovado” Now Up on Pilgrim’s Poem!

My poem about Rio de Janeiro’s emblematic hunchback hill, crowned by a massive white statue of Christ, is up this week on the community writing site “Pilgrims Poem.” Please click here to check it out! If anyone is interested in sharing their work, I recommend writing to the very kind editor of the site. Instructions […]