Trip Poem # 11 – Airplane Movie

A quick toast to the era of seasonal hotel stays   French window frames sipped each afternoon Hats shaped in boxes Elevators rise by men on stools A candle lit at the precise corner of every room   Language barriers transformed into accents With a change of attire And patent leather shoe   Women named Agatha Answer […]

A Literation Magazine Published Two of My Poems!

So honored that the magnificent A Literation Mag published two of my poems. The first is above. I’ll share the second one tomorrow. Please visit their site to learn about the great work they do to promote emerging writers.

Small Birds Converge

I feel that there is always something dark and sinister looming over the poems of Sylvia Plath. Sure, her personal story, ending in suicide, hangs heavy. But, take this poem pictured above, “The Manor Garden.” From the title, one could simply expect a piece about a garden, perhaps succumbing to fall.  But the nature imagery isn’t […]

Good Night

  I sit down slightly drunk   Not enough to be great But perhaps enough to be good   Let’s see   The sky is clear My husband sleeps   I am a wife a woman grown I shall never taste the soup I cook   Tonight I traced The city clean I approach my […]

The journey in its claws

  Pictured here are three of Nobel Prize-winning poet Tomas Transtromer’s “Six Winters,” framed by a dying mammoth sculpture at the La Brea Tar Pits in Los Angeles. Below are the poem’s final three winters. Out of the six, number five is my favorite. IV. Ice hangs down the edge of the roof. Icicles: the […]

“Shell” is out on We Poets Show It

Many thanks to the great writing community of We Poets Show It for publishing my poem “Shell”! I recommend all poetry bloggers out there to stop by and check it out.  

The Paperbook has my ‘Babies on Planes’

Congratulations to Jayde Ashe of The Paperbook Blog for finishing her second issue. And many thanks for including my poem “Babies on Planes” in this generous effort to showcase writers from all over the world. To read The Paperbook Collective click below: The Paperbook Collective ~ Issue Two 2013..

Two poems, two sites

In trying to get my poems published in places other than my blog, I’ve been very happy to discover the amount of beautifully-run online poetry journals and sites. Among them is the Boston Poetry Magazine, Pilgrims and Kumquat Poetry. Today, both Kumquat Poetry and Pilgrims published one of my poems. So, thank you Kumquat and […]

Upside down crucifix

  An image I loved from The Split by Marie Howe. Published in her book The Good Thief. Part of The National Poetry Series. This one selected by Margaret Atwood. Read on American Airlines flight 915, July 2013  

I messed up

Today I read the work of poet Matt Hart for the first time, prompted by an article in the Huffington Post.  The article is a winding defense of contemporary American poetry. No doubt a valiant and valuable cause, but one whose defense could have used the help of an editor friend. Regardless, the article is […]

The sound of boiling eggs

St. Augustine heard the words Tolle, lege (latin for “take up and read”) spoken by a childlike voice. He understood them as a divine calling to read the Bible, which he did and then immediately converted to Christianity. To view the poem as published in The Southern Poetry Review, click here.