El viaje de Borja

Tomorrow is May 20th. A day I’ve been dreading because it is the last day to pre-order my book mid-life. Since pre-sales determine how many books will be published, tomorrow matters. If any of you out there had any intention whatsoever of purchasing my book of poems, I would truly appreciate it if you did […]

The Sun Coast

“The Sun Coast,” a poem from my forthcoming book of poems entitled mid-life, now available for purchase via Finishing Line Press. The pre-sale period ends in just three days, so grab your copy soon, such as right this minute!

Domingo 20 / Sunday 20

This poem is from my book “Entre domingo y domingo” published in 2014. My new book of poems mid-life is currently in its pre-sale period, which ends in just five days. Tick, tick, tick. To order, please click here.


  From my book “Reverse Commute.”  Happy weekend everyone!

Núcleo familiar

  On this, the eleventh night of the countdown to the end of my book’s pre-sale period, I am offering up a poem about the pressure of family. To order mid-life please click here. All proceeds go to the publishing house, but the street cred will be mine. Ha!

Special Thanks to Red Savina Review

I wanted to send a special shout out to New Mexico’s Red Savina Review and to its co-founding editor Wendy Gist for sharing the publication of my book, mid-life, with their readers. Wendy is a remarkable writer whose book Moods of the Dream Fog is available for purchase via Finishing Line Press. To purchase “mid-life,” please click […]

Gradual Rot

  Rot is a gradual process. It begins while the fruit is ripe and dangling from the tree. Once it falls, the process is in full, and the fruit must be thrown away or eaten quickly.   I have picked mangoes off the ground of warm places because they taste good when they are just […]

Sick Talk

   My poem “Sick Talk,” published by Washington DC-based journal “The Potomac.”

Stay Inside

The other day, I read a poem whose beginning I didn’t quite like. But, it was weird enough to keep me hooked to its very last line, which made me laugh out loud and reread the poem several times, appreciating it more and more with each go. The piece is by poet Paul Violi, who published eleven collections […]


  De mi libro “Entre domingo y domingo”…

Download My First Book (in Spanish) for Free

My first poetry collection (in Spanish) was just published. It is called “Entre domingo y domingo,” which means “From Sunday to Sunday,” and can be downloaded here. Even those with a minor working knowledge of Spanish should be able to understand most of the pieces, as they are sparse and straightforward. In the coming months, […]

The Cows

Years of going to the farm Years of taking the walk with your mother, guests and guards From the warm house to the horses you mostly go down For an hour with your mother, guests, and guards   Fenced by black wood and electric wire The narrow path has hills on both sides An indigo […]

The Stories of Bedtime

UK publishing company Empty Mirror Books published a few of my poems on their site. Below is the first, a meditation on how having children forces you to face mortality.  

Yellow Tomatoes

  I once thought I could know anything   The death knowledge of the Buddha The clarifying call of Gabriel Former lives and abetting suns That enthrall worlds more able than mine   I too never doubted my time supply To be the daughter of the dying father Who buries without the blow of love […]

What It Is that Has to Give

Bernal Hill (pictured above) boasts an unobstructed view of photogenic San Francisco. So, it is unsurprising that it spawned a poem that bears its name. The piece is by Randall Mann, an openly gay poet who often writes about life in San Francisco and who was the recipient of the prestigious Kenyon Review Prize in Poetryin 2003. […]

The Bedroom is Trees

Last week I wrote about a three-way interview published by “The Review Review” about the future of poetry. The three-way was composed of Rob MacDonald of Sixth Finch Journal,  Matt Hart of Forklift Ohio Journal and Gale Marie Thompson of Jellyfish Magazine.  I recommend at least perusing the article to get a sense of what people in the poetry world (and these are very relevant people […]