Warhol Wisdom

Words to live by on display at the Banksy/Warhol exhibit at Amsterdam’s MoCo Museum. 


   I’m back at “Sophie’s World,” with its textbook teaching of philosophy thinly disguised as an interesting read. Sound boring? Well, it pretty much is.  Too bad I have a serious psychological condition whereby I cannot leave a book unfinished. It is called anal-retentive-itis.  So deeply bored was I during the hundred page expose of […]

Plato on Women

  It seems Plato spent a weekend around young children before immortalizing his views on women and their abilities. From “Sophie’s World” by Jostein Gaardner.

The World as Habit

 From the now-classic “Sophie’s World” by Jostein Gaardner, a novel about the history of philosophy disguised as a peaceable mystery read. 

Sexuality is Possibility

  The last half of the twentieth century saw the birth, adolescence and remarkably mature adulthood of a new field of cultural investigation: Gender Studies.  A natural consequence of the sexual awakening of the Western world in the sixties, Gender Studies focuses on how we define what it means to be a man and/or a […]

How Nietzsche and Freud Invented Fun by Defining Guilt

At the closing of his work Civilization and its Discontents, Sigmund Freud confesses to his audience that he has no solution to the problems outlined in the book. Likewise, Friedrich Nietzsche admits in his Genealogy of Morals that he does not know if we will ever be able to escape our fraught values. Neither philosopher attempts […]

Michel Foucault Defines Modernity

For the attitude of modernity, the high value of the present is indissociable from a desperate eagerness to imagine it, to imagine it otherwise than it is, and to transform it not by destroying it but by grasping it in what it is. Baudelairean modernity is an exercise in which extreme attention to what is […]

Meaning is Use

  A meaning of a word is a kind of employment of it. For it is what we learn when the word is incorporated into our language. – Ludwig Wittgenstein  

As If They Were Real

Let us treat the men and women well; treat them as if they were real: perhaps they are. Ralph Waldo Emerson   I couldn’t resist sharing this quote from one of my Coursera lectures on “The Modern and the Postmodern.” I’d never considered Emerson as a funny guy: perhaps he was.  

What Nietzsche Meant by “God is Dead”

I’m thoroughly enjoying my first Coursera course. It’s on philosophy since The Enlightenment and last week we did Friedrich Nietzsche.  Of course, I’d heard Nietzsche’s infamous phrase “God is dead” before, but I did not know exactly what was behind it. Now that I know, I wanted to share my class notes, because what Nietzsche […]

From Kant to Marx: A Brief & Easy History of Philosophy

If German philosopher Immanuel Kant was anything, it was optimistic. Even though he quickly recognized the potential risks of the 18th century political and intellectual awakening known as the “Enlightenment,” he focused on the positive and worked to steer the movement along a middle philosophical course, away from potentially explosive extremes. Examples of such extremes […]

The Thing with Warhol & Watts

Sometimes I feel the Universe picks my reading lists for me. Like when I read Mrs. Dalloway after Ulysses, not knowing the first was inspired by the second.  Or when I got The God of Small Things at an airport on my way to, of all places, Kerala.  And so it is that I read The Philosophy […]

The “So what” trick

According to Andy Warhol, and Buddha, the secret to happiness is simply not caring. The Philosophy of Andy Warhol. Read Bogota 2013     Related articles Andy Warhol from A to Z (thegenealogyofstyle.wordpress.com) Pop stars as caught by Warhol the ultimate pop artist go on sale (thetimes.co.uk)

No, wonder

  The Book, Alan Watts. Read Bogotá, 2013. Related articles The Real Secret Of Life – Alan Watts (dprogram.net) Alan Watts – Faith (nothingholy.wordpress.com) It Starts Now – Alan Watts (zengardner.com) *Music and Life* by Alan Watts (journeysatch.wordpress.com) Alan Watts (kristemoon.wordpress.com) Laura Bruno – Alan Watts – The Way Of Waking Up – 5 July […]