The Best Gallery in Paris

After three days of intense art immersion, I took the early afternoon off to browse the book stalls along the Seine. Here, I found what I consider to be the most beautiful works of art in the entire ville. A child-drawn cover on Raymond Quenueau’s “Zazie dans le métro,” one of my favorite books of […]

Baudelaire and Woolf Present their Magic Show

  To see how Literature defines the everyday, it is sufficient to look to the work of Charles Baudelaire and Virginia Woolf. The first is marked, indeed enabled, by Baron Georges-Eugène Haussmann’s redrawing of the Parisian landscape in the 1860’s. The second allows herself to be inspired by domesticity in the burnt-metal aftermath of World […]

Frencher than the Tour de France

Here in Colombia, we have Tour de France fever. 23-year old Nairo Quintana won second place. The best showing by a Colombian ever. The sight of over a hundred, neon-wearing cyclists circling historic Paris during the Tour’s final stage was exciting but also uncanny. It reminded me of poet Charles Baudelaire running into a swan while […]

Word of the day: Poivrotte

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