Nothing My Thumbs Press Will Ever Be Heard

I keep coming back to this poem by British Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy again and again. There is a myth among poetry writers that poets will only ever write a few perfect poems. Well, I think this is part of her (quite ample) list of absolutely perfect poems.  It is from her collection “Rapture,” which won the T.S. Elliot […]

Love Doubts

  The city and its health restaurants reach beyond my balcony on a Wednesday night.   Dinner was quick but the dining was slow. My two gay friends compared notes.   I tried to focus the talk on my ring. Purposely not a diamond, half-size edge of a ring. My display case for solidarity.   The […]

My poem “Dialogue” now published!

The Boston Poetry Magazine published my poem “Dialogue.” Below is an excerpt: Dialogue We start the dialogue hearing the last word close itself /\ first vagina yawn \/ the mood swing is mine, ok, fine every piece of angst pressed again and against — To read more, please click here.  

Two poems, two sites

In trying to get my poems published in places other than my blog, I’ve been very happy to discover the amount of beautifully-run online poetry journals and sites. Among them is the Boston Poetry Magazine, Pilgrims and Kumquat Poetry. Today, both Kumquat Poetry and Pilgrims published one of my poems. So, thank you Kumquat and […]

Burden to Savor

  A soft, holy morning like this Awake in bed before dawn Forcing my thoughts of you   Upon you   Full, ready body Full, ready thoughts Soft, holy distance   All upon you   Keep yourself well and happy For I know certain things about us That are likely to trouble you But I […]

Overdue Love Letter

  Minus the saliva on paper The hesitant comma Barely smeared   Impatient still Signed and dated Sealed   I offer every swerve Soft wrist and stiff neck   Dear, This is my wet black ink   Written 2005