Special Thanks to Red Savina Review

I wanted to send a special shout out to New Mexico’s Red Savina Review and to its co-founding editor Wendy Gist for sharing the publication of my book, mid-life, with their readers. Wendy is a remarkable writer whose book Moods of the Dream Fog is available for purchase via Finishing Line Press. To purchase “mid-life,” please click […]

April in O’ Miami

April is great-weather-month in Miami, and great weather, of course, leads to lyrical thought. The more so because it happens to be National Poetry Month, and Miamians do it big thanks to the O’ Miami Poetry Festival. Launched in 2011, the Festival has grown into a month-long celebration of written, spoken, silent, illustrated, enacted, projected, submerged, hidden, […]


   Scene taken from my chapbookbook “Reverse Commute,” published by Silver Birch Press. Behind, the Sedona skyline. 

In Favor of Fantasy

Fantasy has it rough. It bears a reputation of being trivial, flashy, adolescent and entertainment-driven. Indeed, some fantasy is. But, such judgement is unfair to good fantasy, which is none of the above. Because fantasy is so blatantly allegorical, when it is good, it reveals a forthright understanding of how reality functions. And, when it is great, it resembles myth, with its […]


   I’m deeply torn on whether I want to cry out in pain or in pure joy at the sight of these workout mats, found in a hotel in Sebring, FL. They are somehow genius, but also offensive to the memory of the man.  Regardless, they ellicit a chuckle, which is always a valuable thing. 

Coming Soon…

Talented Miami-based artist Adrian Avila is almost done with this painting, which will accompany a group of poems that I am gathering, polishing, nourishing. More news to follow soon.

The Only Thing Better…

   …than reading Kazuo Ishiguro’s “The Buried Giant,” is reading it high on Nyquil. 

Cosmic Lull

The old lives gain Reach forward into my days of mind   Their voices crawl Unrushed but sure Recognizable as fingernail On wood   Dormant lessons swell like a full lung Breath-held with the grasping Of days unlived Brandished in offering   My story One more layer of mud Etched unto geologic time    

Mid-March Motivation

March is one of those months that feels like a thirty-day supply of Wednesdays. All of a sudden it’s March, yes. But then it stays March for such a long time. And, we are only now on day ten. Perhaps March feels slow because it’s still too early to tell if our dreams for the […]

Gradual Rot

  Rot is a gradual process. It begins while the fruit is ripe and dangling from the tree. Once it falls, the process is in full, and the fruit must be thrown away or eaten quickly.   I have picked mangoes off the ground of warm places because they taste good when they are just […]

Mom Hooky

   Could this really be happening? Am I really about to start a new book on a Saturday afternoon by an actual swimming pool? Special thanks to the husband and to Elena Ferrante, for writing the most fun, yet serious, works of literature I’ve read in years. 

“Ulysses,” in short

   A “prosaic” summary of James Joyce’s “Ulysses” found in Elena Ferrante’s “The Story of a New Name.” It’s true. The book is about how our heads, and Joyce’s in particular, are full of nonsense. 

First Book of the New Year

   I’ve no idea where I picked up this old book, published in 1954. But somehow I came across it on my shelf when I was looking for something new to read.  To start, I picked Katherine Ann Porter’s “Noon Wine.” Not only did I love the title, but I had never heard of her. […]

The Hour of the Star is Here — Finally

  For Clarice Lispector and her Hour of the Star   As the author, I alone love you. If you don’t get a call, it is because I have your phone. The others are busy calling each other, being each other. I made them that way, but it is you who wants revenge. It is […]


“Lunchtime,” from my chapbook “Reverse Commute,” published by Silver Birch Press.

The Best “Best Book” List

“The New York Times’” list of the Ten Best Books of the Year is the best such list I’ve encountered thus far. Half of the list is composed of fiction, a category that has been notably, and increasingly, dwindling from book lists. The rest of the “Times’” list is made up by non-fiction works that are international and […]

Steal Like an Artist

     I encountered the book “Steal Like an Artist” in a library this week and thought its advice fitting for a Friday afternoon. Its ten rules for becomming a successful artist make the task seem as easy as copying and pasting.  I was especially surprised by rules 3 and 4. Surprised that someone earnestly wrote […]

The Public

From my chapbook “Reverse Commute,” published by Silver Birch Press. This poem was originally published in Big River Poetry Review under the title “Espíritu Santo.”

It’s a Mystery

Something incredible happened last weekend: I read a book.  The best part was that it happened almost without me noticing. Due to the recent birth of my daughter, I’ve been unable to focus on, well, anything.  I am tired, sure, but also just mentally shut off. However, I read the book above over the span […]


On October 15th, Los Angeles based Silver Birch Press published a collection of 15 poetry chapbooks, written by 15 poets, each 15 pages long.   I am very excited to report that my chapbook, titled “Reverse Commute,” is among the 15. The book is called “Ides,” as it was released on the ides of October (i.e. the […]