Dodging Bullets vs. Shooting Them

By bullets I mean unwanted, unyielding change. By dodging I mean dodging. By shooting I mean effecting. This, then, is the title with which I catalogue the past year and a half, not only my own life, but of many of those close to me. There may be cosmic reasons for the dodging, the shooting. […]

Submit, Submit

I took a two week, undesired, break from my blog to set up my house, my home. This is not a complaint. Just fact. I could not write with boxes to unpack and paintings to hang. So I stopped trying to write and unpacked, and hung, and then unpacked a bit more. Now, I can say […]

The Drugstore Notebook went rogue

This week I will be posting daily on Zeteo Journal – The Journal of Interdisciplinary Writing. Very excited about this gig. I have fellow blogger William Eaton to thank. He posts regularly at Here is an excerpt from my first post: “I bought The Good Thief by Marie Howe because it was the only poetry […]