Silver Birch Press, a Los Angeles-based publisher of poetry books and anthologies, recently ran a brief author profile on my work as a result of my contribution to their “Great Gatsby Anthology.” I’ve published a few pieces with Silver Birch Press in the past and the process is so much more enjoyable than it normally is. Melanie, the editor, is friendly […]

“Oh, Zelda” – A Poem

East Coast Ink Magazine published my poem “Oh, Zelda,” inspired by F. Scot Fitzgerald’s wife Zelda

Jay Gatsby & Jay Z

I took advantage of the mental lull brought on by severe jet lag and watched Baz Luhrmann’s adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby yesterday. The film has been criticized for being shallow. And it’s true; it is absolutely shallow. But this is why it is gets it right. Mr. Fitzgerald was also shallow, which is […]