Say it Say the word ship Let the last letter linger on the lip   Say it Like it was sinking Due to lax disrepair   Its people saved No death washed ashore   Say it because you recall The bold rescue And the ship   The slow and slippery ship   Written 2004

The “Grass” Part

Last week, I began a two-part explanation of Walt Whitman’s title “Leaves of Grass.” The “Leaves” refers simply to pages, as in pages of poetry, of which Whitman’s book is of course composed.  Now it’s on to the “Grass” part. I base my understanding of what Whitman meant on the accompanying image, which reads: A […]

Whitman Yoga

Walt Whitman does some beach yoga. Leaves of Grass Read Cartagena, 2013

Athletic Democracy

I had to share this image of Walt Whitman’s poem “To Foreign Lands,” where the amazing phrase “athletic Democracy” appears. As soon as I read it, I paused to ask myself to please remember to use “athletic” as an adjective with athletic frequency. Plus the poem is a short, historically revealing read. Read Cartagena 2014

Love Doubts

  The city and its health restaurants reach beyond my balcony on a Wednesday night.   Dinner was quick but the dining was slow. My two gay friends compared notes.   I tried to focus the talk on my ring. Purposely not a diamond, half-size edge of a ring. My display case for solidarity.   The […]

Life Things

  The writing has left it rests far away when it was close it was closer but not as close as far when far away   There is still life yes a baby still new a father still sick a master unhere   I watch these life things gather height the in held breath of avalanche […]

He Proposed

  Last night On a balcony with an almost full moon Few people present some of them watched After champagne somewhat more wine An open view of the late summer night   Standing straight Feet steady sturdy positioned and placed On a balcony with a view a street full of trees Some people present few […]

Irrigated Land

  I tried for a long time not to write.   Looked plainly at new places, traveled without paper, bought magazines at airports, took jobs that paid, dug into the endless domestic day.   Poetry is patient. It forgives the squander of silent afternoons, allows books to lie flat or stand straight.   It accepts […]

My poem “Dialogue” now published!

The Boston Poetry Magazine published my poem “Dialogue.” Below is an excerpt: Dialogue We start the dialogue hearing the last word close itself /\ first vagina yawn \/ the mood swing is mine, ok, fine every piece of angst pressed again and against — To read more, please click here.  

A Girlfriend for Prufrock

The Boston Poetry Magazine published my poem “A Girlfriend for Prufrock.” It is based on “The Lovesong of J. Alfred Prufrock,” the poem that showed me how language is holy.   But, Prufrock’s loneliness bothered me, so I got him a date… Related articles 1. The Love Song Of J. Alfred Prufrock ( Being Prufrock […]


  It’s not like I don’t ask nice. Not like I have more than one   shelf. Every night I make room, but it is for one single   plate. And every afternoon it is I who sets it down.   Who offers you or you or you the chance to give   thanks. To […]

My Nudity in All its Forms

  Two years ago, I mistook the apple for a peach: Two cases of imported beers carried 6 flights Glasses instead of contacts because I can’t be bothered I make you climb 6 flights of stairs to drink imported beer I make you have me You have me You buy breakfast You say you had […]