How to Avoid the Guilt Game by Dying

At the end of the day, I write this for myself. So it does not matter that this post is about two months late. While in Colombia in early December, I read a conspicuously short book in Spanish, anticipating that I wouldn’t have much time to read but also making the effort to keep my […]

A Poem for Women Who Don’t Want Children

I come across all sorts of poems in my continuous hunt for literary journals that might house the verses I wrestle to write. Recently, I came across a jewel. A simple, stunning jewel. The poem was a finalist for Rattle Poetry’s 2013 Contest and was written by Los Angeles-based poet Chanel Brenner, pictured above. To read more […]

Passion & Death

Many times, in many books, in many movies, I’ve heard it said that love, particularly passion, is close to death. But it just seemed to me like a fancy way of saying that deep love is a quick step away from deeper hate.  This last statement was always clear to me. Getting burnt by love […]

Yes, really, just do it

Yes, really. Because, if we don’t do it now, we might never get the chance later. The thought of death need not be a buzz kill. Rather, it can be constant motivation to use our time in this life to move forward on our spiritual paths. Because I believe in writing things down, here go […]

The Thing with Warhol & Watts

Sometimes I feel the Universe picks my reading lists for me. Like when I read Mrs. Dalloway after Ulysses, not knowing the first was inspired by the second.  Or when I got The God of Small Things at an airport on my way to, of all places, Kerala.  And so it is that I read The Philosophy […]