Moving for Love

I don’t usually post twice in a day, but the lines in Ada Limón’s poem above are so beautiful and it is raining so hard that I couldn’t bear to witness alone.

The Cows

Years of going to the farm Years of taking the walk with your mother, guests and guards From the warm house to the horses you mostly go down For an hour with your mother, guests, and guards   Fenced by black wood and electric wire The narrow path has hills on both sides An indigo […]

The Light On

  Because anger lets you will its volume Encourages itself upon you It is easiest to rage Make the morning a landscape of stone   It takes informed surrender to kill the light He left on through the night And sit in the unhurried darkness Of the sun on its way up   Although, in […]

A Literation Magazine Published Two of My Poems!

So honored that the magnificent A Literation Mag published two of my poems. The first is above. I’ll share the second one tomorrow. Please visit their site to learn about the great work they do to promote emerging writers.

Woodshop: Where I Live and Work

I have to admit I am thrilled that CutBank Literary Magazine published my piece in their “Woodshop” series. The series is dedicated to showing where various writers live and work. So, this means they consider me a “writer.” Thrilling. CutBank has been around for 40 years as Montana’s foremost literary magazine. The poetry and other […]

Ghost House Review published two of my poems

I am very excited that two of my poems have been included in the up-and-coming independent publication, Ghost House Review. Please pay them a visit and see all the great things they are doing for yourself! Their main blog is up on WordPress and can be viewed here. Above is my poem “Morning Feed,” included in Ghost […]

Love Doubts

  The city and its health restaurants reach beyond my balcony on a Wednesday night.   Dinner was quick but the dining was slow. My two gay friends compared notes.   I tried to focus the talk on my ring. Purposely not a diamond, half-size edge of a ring. My display case for solidarity.   The […]

Irrigated Land

  I tried for a long time not to write.   Looked plainly at new places, traveled without paper, bought magazines at airports, took jobs that paid, dug into the endless domestic day.   Poetry is patient. It forgives the squander of silent afternoons, allows books to lie flat or stand straight.   It accepts […]

A Girlfriend for Prufrock

The Boston Poetry Magazine published my poem “A Girlfriend for Prufrock.” It is based on “The Lovesong of J. Alfred Prufrock,” the poem that showed me how language is holy.   But, Prufrock’s loneliness bothered me, so I got him a date… Related articles 1. The Love Song Of J. Alfred Prufrock ( Being Prufrock […]

My Nudity in All its Forms

  Two years ago, I mistook the apple for a peach: Two cases of imported beers carried 6 flights Glasses instead of contacts because I can’t be bothered I make you climb 6 flights of stairs to drink imported beer I make you have me You have me You buy breakfast You say you had […]

New Computer

Because this is the first poem I write on my new computer, I want it to be clean. It will go into a file where a new book of poems will gather over time. Poems that belong to another book will have another file. There will also be a file for poems that are nothing […]

Get the Rape Joke

The news always seems to find me last. This would even include poetry news, which is supposed to be my thing. So it is that today I finally heard of a poem, published by The Awl, that went viral on social media and prompted responses in outlets as varied as Feministe, Salon and The Guardian. The poem is […]

Babies on Planes

  When I am on a plane, and I hear a baby begin to cry, I think: cry, cry, cry.   Cry slower and louder. Cry longer.   Cry while your mother walks you around so that the entire plane can hear you cry.   Stop crying; whimper softly. Make us think you are done, […]

Chew You

  I’ve always loved left overs Cold, by the kitchen sink With dirty fingers and appalled mothers   These, though, I will eat alone Sitting up In bed   It was a good, unapologetic lay The day we tried To play for good   But, it was really only a day   One good day […]

Fiesta de oficina

  El discurso y su contradiscurso La fila corta para el plato fácil de servir La mesa del bar ojeada no visitada El jefe siempre en el periferio Las secretarias ignoradas   No sabía que un día encontraste A tu esposo muerto en el baño Me lo dijeron hoy antes que me contaras Que tus […]

Religious persuasion

  Take your pick. Notebooks at Barnes & Noble. Coral Gables, FL. Taken July 2013

There Will Be Time

  Twenty-six is not that young: it is old enough to list a few college degrees, linear work experience and a promising marriage.   By now, I should not fear bad poem topics, closing new documents unsaved or rewriting this phrase: Carve out its clay center; cook the silhouette uncracked.   I am on time […]

The Feeling of Being Hungover

  Sometimes, I get so tired of poetry. It asks for so much – makes me feel hungover.   Or if I am hungover – makes me feel dumb and slow.   Like getting on the Freeway sometimes makes you want to hit reverse.   Written April 2013  

Si todavía te provoca hablar

  Lo que quiero que digas es que te encantaba conmigo; que me ves hoy y piensas lo que te encantaba conmigo.   Que te encantaba conmigo la primera luz débil del día, la luz recién apagada de la tarde, o de la noche, o de la noche tarde.   Que te encantaba conmigo el encuentro […]