Invent vs. Engulf

Poet Marge Pierce is much too one-sided in her view of male-female relationships. Here is yet another example in her poetry of how she believes that women do all the work and men break all the rules. This simple is way too boring to be true.


Last week, I posted a poem by Marge Piercy about male-female relationships that immediately sparked comments from readers, both positive and negative. The topic clearly does not get old. This week, Piercy tackles heavy themes like faith and justice, via nature’s impartiality and indifference. An equally timeless theme, I would say, although one that is likely to […]

The Man is a Teapot

For those who favor such categorizations, Marge Piercy’s poetry can easily fall under the label “Feminist Poetry.” As such, her poetry wouldn’t be an obvious first choice to bring along during the famous Carmel Car Week in August. For some reason, though, her book “The Twelve Spoke Wheel Flashing” ended up in my carry on, and […]


Loved this phrase from Marge Piercy’s poem “Exodus.” Behind is a 1967 Porsche that my husband drove during Carmel’s Councours on the Avenue last week. Some famous race car driver drove it once, but of course I have no idea who.

Our Teenage Self

When Polish Nobel Laureate Wislawa Szymborska dreams of meeting her teenage self, the only thing she recognizes are the eye sockets. This picture was taken way far out in the Colombian Plains, during a quick, off-road rally break. Here is the rest of the poem:   Teenager Me—a teenager? If suddenly, here, now, she stood […]

The rumbling

One of the most famous artworks at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art is Chris Burden’s “Metrpolis II.” It’s a miniature city, possibly L.A., with what feels like 100,000 cars rushing through it. Needless to say, it’s very popular with the kids. The audible rumbling of the piece and the silent rumbling of Tomas […]