Domingo 20 / Sunday 20

This poem is from my book “Entre domingo y domingo” published in 2014. My new book of poems mid-life is currently in its pre-sale period, which ends in just five days. Tick, tick, tick. To order, please click here.


If I ever were to bake a cake it would be for you, and I’d color in the icing like spreading sunblock on your face.   I like to get you while you sleep— the best is in a car— so I can butter every toe and beneath your pillow feet.   Underneath your feet […]

Things You Save to Write

Three pages into Hemingway’s “The Snows of Kilimanjaro” I encounter the gem above. This is just one of the million reasons why Hemingway is Hemingway: he turns the obvious into a new poem.  As most writers do, I have lists of moments, images, things that I am saving to write because I don’t feel quite […]


You are A long time Coming Now All time is Your time My time is Yours since Before But your Time is Not mine It is yours I get to Watch it Feel how You are not In me But you were There you Grew Into a paw Of blood And time It felt good […]

Special Thanks to Red Savina Review

I wanted to send a special shout out to New Mexico’s Red Savina Review and to its co-founding editor Wendy Gist for sharing the publication of my book, mid-life, with their readers. Wendy is a remarkable writer whose book Moods of the Dream Fog is available for purchase via Finishing Line Press. To purchase “mid-life,” please click […]

Flight Time

   About to go cross country with these two Nobel Laureates sitting on my lap. Someone a few aisles back snores lightly. My hangover has suddenly turned manageable. 

In Favor of Fantasy

Fantasy has it rough. It bears a reputation of being trivial, flashy, adolescent and entertainment-driven. Indeed, some fantasy is. But, such judgement is unfair to good fantasy, which is none of the above. Because fantasy is so blatantly allegorical, when it is good, it reveals a forthright understanding of how reality functions. And, when it is great, it resembles myth, with its […]

Terminal Poem

   To me, this is what the inside of an airport looks like. 

Coming Soon…

Talented Miami-based artist Adrian Avila is almost done with this painting, which will accompany a group of poems that I am gathering, polishing, nourishing. More news to follow soon.

The Only Thing Better…

   …than reading Kazuo Ishiguro’s “The Buried Giant,” is reading it high on Nyquil. 

The Good “Moods of the Dream Fog”

  As one of the co-founding editors of New Mexico’s “Red Savina Review,” Wendy Gist invests her time in helping other writers share their work and in helping readers access good poems. But, she also devotes herself to her own work, as is evidenced by the quality of the poems found in her soon-to-be-released chapbook […]

Mom Hooky

   Could this really be happening? Am I really about to start a new book on a Saturday afternoon by an actual swimming pool? Special thanks to the husband and to Elena Ferrante, for writing the most fun, yet serious, works of literature I’ve read in years. 

Fantasy Shmantasy

   Excited to have started Kazuo Ishiguro’s latest and greatest. This book provoked a good amount of controversy because he elected to write it in the “Fantasy” genre.  I really don’t see why Fantasy sets readers off. “Never Let Me Go,” one of Ishiguro’s most beloved novels, clearly belongs to the Sci-Fi/Fantasy realm.  All books […]


   I’m back at “Sophie’s World,” with its textbook teaching of philosophy thinly disguised as an interesting read. Sound boring? Well, it pretty much is.  Too bad I have a serious psychological condition whereby I cannot leave a book unfinished. It is called anal-retentive-itis.  So deeply bored was I during the hundred page expose of […]

“Ulysses,” in short

   A “prosaic” summary of James Joyce’s “Ulysses” found in Elena Ferrante’s “The Story of a New Name.” It’s true. The book is about how our heads, and Joyce’s in particular, are full of nonsense. 

First Book of the New Year

   I’ve no idea where I picked up this old book, published in 1954. But somehow I came across it on my shelf when I was looking for something new to read.  To start, I picked Katherine Ann Porter’s “Noon Wine.” Not only did I love the title, but I had never heard of her. […]

Hangover Poem

   Courtesy of Lawrence Ferlinghetti. Wow I says, happy new year everybody. 

The Nobel Journalist

   The newest Nobel Laureate, Svetlana Alexievich, is more of a journalist than anything else, which raises a significant question as to the meaning of “literature.” Last weekend’s “Financial Times” published a piece written by her that approaches an answer. Since there is no one version of what is true, all narratives are essentially fiction, […]

The Burdens of Motherhood

   This morning I posted an excerpt from a book I am reading by Italian writer Elena Ferrante. Now I’ve just read the excerpt above from an interview with the writer which appeared as part of The Financial Time’s “Women of 2015” feature. Ferrante, I learned, is a pen name and no photos of the […]