You Know, Zen

I finally got it, got Zen, thanks to Matsuo Basho, Haiku master of and for all time. Zen is the eternal captured in the moment. The simple conveyed by the complex. It is the power by which haiku, that uninterruptible conscientious brief burst of words, implies all forms, all poems. Basho was a wonderer and […]

Last Drops

Sometimes, a lot of the times, when I read Sharon Olds it is a small, non-central phrase that does me in. Seldom is it the grand finale. Often, it is a line tucked into the middle, like a “last drop of something,” that makes me come back to it, come back to the poem, in […]

I Am Bien

I recently found this copy of the classic self-help book “I’m OK, You’re OK” translated into Spanish and found it delightful. Somehow, the title is even more soothing in Spanish.

You mistake yourself

A friend who is not really into poetry lent me a book of Jackie Kay’s poems recently. She said it’s one of the few she owns and one of the fewer books of poetry she’s ever read. So, I took this as a good sign and spent time with the book, which is called Darling. The […]

The Thing with Warhol & Watts

Sometimes I feel the Universe picks my reading lists for me. Like when I read Mrs. Dalloway after Ulysses, not knowing the first was inspired by the second.  Or when I got The God of Small Things at an airport on my way to, of all places, Kerala.  And so it is that I read The Philosophy […]