A Chat About the Future of Poetry

The founding editors of three of today’s most well-respected online poetry journals had a talk about the future of poetry with “The Review Review.” Here’s the link. Rob MacDonald of Sixth Finch Journal,  Matt Hart who edits Forklift Ohio Journal and Gale Marie Thompson who runs Jellyfish Magazine spoke about how the masses perceive poetry and how this is affected by the […]

Chopin Piano Concerto No. 2 in F minor, op. 21

Older folk lift closed eyes. Those with large noses open their mouths. A precise woman in pearls wears her white hair in a cocoon bun. Her cheekbones tighten like mountain air.   The few who lean in defy middle age: spine bent, forehead lined. Men move more than their dates, confirm rhythms with the dip of eroded chins.   But […]

My Work Featured on ArtiPeeps

A big thank you to the community writing project ArtiPeeps, who graciously featured my poetry this weekend. Please click here to read “Oh, Zelda” and “A Notion of Marriage.”

Cloud Poem

This is my first of many (I hope) mixed media poems. A timid attempt, to be sure. But a start is a start. WordPress doesn’t allow video uploads so please click on the image to go The Drugstore Notebook’s Tumblr page to view the video.

“Oh, Zelda” – A Poem

East Coast Ink Magazine published my poem “Oh, Zelda,” inspired by F. Scot Fitzgerald’s wife Zelda

“The Napkin Trick” in Dagda Publishing

  It’s been done before: The inten­tion of con­ver­sa­tion starts and ends with a slow walk around a famil­iar, short block – the light purse or empty pocket. (Tonight after all should only call for some cash.) A set of doors is cho­sen but not broached, and reluc­tance comes as a reminder of iso­lated drinks where […]

A Poem for Women Who Don’t Want Children

I come across all sorts of poems in my continuous hunt for literary journals that might house the verses I wrestle to write. Recently, I came across a jewel. A simple, stunning jewel. The poem was a finalist for Rattle Poetry’s 2013 Contest and was written by Los Angeles-based poet Chanel Brenner, pictured above. To read more […]

Transit Poem

  The way it happens proves too much   Russian weapons carved for a dead menace sold to hungry Hezbollah   Borders get pierced   A regime firm as bone takes in the Shiite mobs   An ayatollah fingers a final prayer bead before the burnt fridges of Homs   This is called ash That is called […]

Trip Poem # 11 – Airplane Movie

A quick toast to the era of seasonal hotel stays   French window frames sipped each afternoon Hats shaped in boxes Elevators rise by men on stools A candle lit at the precise corner of every room   Language barriers transformed into accents With a change of attire And patent leather shoe   Women named Agatha Answer […]

Espíritu Santo

“Espíritu Santo” is a poem about the impossibility of communication, except through bursts of emotion. Big River Poetry Review published it this past weekend and will include it in its 2014 anthology. I have to confess I am thrilled as this is probably the most established journal to publish my work. Thank you for reading!

How Others Do It

A Literation Magazine published two of my poems. I posted the first yesterday. Here is the second. Check out the great work they do to promote emerging writers here!

A Literation Magazine Published Two of My Poems!

So honored that the magnificent A Literation Mag published two of my poems. The first is above. I’ll share the second one tomorrow. Please visit their site to learn about the great work they do to promote emerging writers.

Trip Poem # 10 – Temple Tour

There is no redemption on the temple tour Just grass and root The dis   possessions of time   You may pray for free But hungry monks look on Their sticks of incense sell for a dollar   Oh pay the dollar Rent the pants for your barefaced ankle Tip the skinny guide   Yours is local history […]

Trip Poem #9 – Siem Reap

  An ox cart of anger The puffed up monk selling smoke A sleepless temple climb An anxious gust of palm tree grove Sob sounds to joust the ruins Prayers spit in rush   Breakneck photographs Find their home In foreign land  

Where Men are Mended

In her poem above, Sylvia Plath is speaking about hospitals, where people are in fact reconstructed. The eerie way in which she described the process of healing makes it clear that the poet is not as well as one would hope.  Below is the full extent of the poem and Plath’s dark descent. Please click here to hear her […]

Trip Poem #8 – Ubud

Planetary   I seek a portable religion With seasonal shrines housed in leaf   Faces of chalk upon each odd-shaped rock To mark the spot where tomorrow I might drop My planetary skin   Gods with flaws Brawn And a taste for sweats Sweating under the yellow Umbrellas I bring   Anything: A spring green […]

Manicure Poem

Writing poetry is hard, especially when you are getting a manicure. Great weekend to all!

Trip Poem #7 – Nusa Dua

There is a simple way to say things   Morning prayer Dinner as a family Fruit thinly sliced   This way sways from the poetic From the bulk of words Beaded thick as boater’s rope   Here we say birthday cake And set placemats That keep flat keep round   We do not invent a […]