Mammal Twenty

Published by About Place Journal time and small children time to think too much of it the child plays you squat and ruminate time disbursed as mother apart from yourself the child wants park with you only you you travel to park here child scrambles you ponder only me me but also them only them the […]

Yellow Tomatoes

  I once thought I could know anything   The death knowledge of the Buddha The clarifying call of Gabriel Former lives and abetting suns That enthrall worlds more able than mine   I too never doubted my time supply To be the daughter to the dying father Who buries without the blow of love […]

The Sun Coast

“The Sun Coast,” a poem from my forthcoming book of poems entitled mid-life, now available for purchase via Finishing Line Press. The pre-sale period ends in just three days, so grab your copy soon, such as right this minute!


  From my book “Reverse Commute.”  Happy weekend everyone!


You are A long time Coming Now All time is Your time My time is Yours since Before But your Time is Not mine It is yours I get to Watch it Feel how You are not In me But you were There you Grew Into a paw Of blood And time It felt good […]


   Scene taken from my chapbookbook “Reverse Commute,” published by Silver Birch Press. Behind, the Sedona skyline. 

Cosmic Lull

The old lives gain Reach forward into my days of mind   Their voices crawl Unrushed but sure Recognizable as fingernail On wood   Dormant lessons swell like a full lung Breath-held with the grasping Of days unlived Brandished in offering   My story One more layer of mud Etched unto geologic time    

Gradual Rot

  Rot is a gradual process. It begins while the fruit is ripe and dangling from the tree. Once it falls, the process is in full, and the fruit must be thrown away or eaten quickly.   I have picked mangoes off the ground of warm places because they taste good when they are just […]

Mom Hooky

   Could this really be happening? Am I really about to start a new book on a Saturday afternoon by an actual swimming pool? Special thanks to the husband and to Elena Ferrante, for writing the most fun, yet serious, works of literature I’ve read in years. 

The Hour of the Star is Here — Finally

  For Clarice Lispector and her Hour of the Star   As the author, I alone love you. If you don’t get a call, it is because I have your phone. The others are busy calling each other, being each other. I made them that way, but it is you who wants revenge. It is […]


“Lunchtime,” from my chapbook “Reverse Commute,” published by Silver Birch Press.

Who With

   I honestly can’t even remember when I wrote this poem. I imagine college? Sounds about right no? In any event, I am immensely grateful to VerseWrights for publishing it on their home page this week. Thank you, VerseWrights, for sharing my young emotional angst. 

The Public

From my chapbook “Reverse Commute,” published by Silver Birch Press. This poem was originally published in Big River Poetry Review under the title “Espíritu Santo.”

Reverse Commute

I finally got my copy of “Ides” in the mail. Published by L.A.-based Silver Birch Press, it’s a collection of fifteen poetry chapbooks, including my own, “Reverse Commute.” The anthology is available for purchase at Amazon and contains some stunning pieces. In the weeks to come, I will be sharing my work, along with poems by […]


On October 15th, Los Angeles based Silver Birch Press published a collection of 15 poetry chapbooks, written by 15 poets, each 15 pages long.   I am very excited to report that my chapbook, titled “Reverse Commute,” is among the 15. The book is called “Ides,” as it was released on the ides of October (i.e. the […]

Sick Talk

   My poem “Sick Talk,” published by Washington DC-based journal “The Potomac.”


Silver Birch Press, a Los Angeles-based publisher of poetry books and anthologies, recently ran a brief author profile on my work as a result of my contribution to their “Great Gatsby Anthology.” I’ve published a few pieces with Silver Birch Press in the past and the process is so much more enjoyable than it normally is. Melanie, the editor, is friendly […]

Said and Done

  I fear my capacity to guide Mistake toward fulfillment   At times, I blame: The flurry of misprint, of crisis to unscramble; The renewed promise of classic self-improvement; The flat-water buoyancy of fresh peace.   Other times, I blame: This devotion to words and their construction – How they unsay as they say – […]


When I wrote this poem, I thought it would be one of those pieces that never gets published. Much too quirky, I thought. So I was amazed when The East Bay Review accepted it for its summer issue. Thanks, guys!   Revel   For Dr. S. Rueda   On the night Chavez died I needed […]

The Open Dishwasher

  Today, you fell face first into the open dishwasher   One plastic prong bruised your nose Another gave you your first black eye   I rushed to cradle you And sing your falling down song   Then I took you outside to show you The birds, the lizards The cloudless blue sky And the […]