Warhol Wisdom

Words to live by on display at the Banksy/Warhol exhibit at Amsterdam’s MoCo Museum. 

Selfish Pleasure

  From “Don’ts for Mothers,” an old book with current wisdom found at the Brooklyn Museum.

On Female Punctuation (!!!!!)

For several weeks, I’ve been thinking about the exclamation mark and its odd relationship to gender. Why is it that intra-female communication is so lavishly punctuated by exclamation marks? Why do women seem to feel, or perhaps feign, so much excitement whilst exchanging short, declarative sentences? My husband does not reply to simple “yes” or “no” questions […]

Yellow Tomatoes

  I once thought I could know anything   The death knowledge of the Buddha The clarifying call of Gabriel Former lives and abetting suns That enthrall worlds more able than mine   I too never doubted my time supply To be the daughter to the dying father Who buries without the blow of love […]

Olympic Medal Grounds

Along with over 60% of the world’s population, I watched the Olympics last summer. For me, lonely athletic greatness is the ultimate tear-jerker. And I am a sucker for painless ways to cry. But, I just couldn’t get behind all the flags, all the anthems, all the medal counts. Each awards ceremony felt oppressive, itchy, and, yes, embarrassing. […]


Almost now, immediately, I feel certain I must read Joyce’s “Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man” once again. Just saying.


I came across The Journal Gallery while walking around Williamsburg earlier today and have thought about this name eight times since.  “Journal” is such a good word, such a good name. Good things should be called Journal Things. The Journal Gallery, for example, is a good gallery.  “Journal” comes from the Old French “jurnal,” a […]

Home Poem

I came home tonight from a long trip and, once in bed, picked up the first book I found to land my mind.  It turned out to be Philip Larkin’s “Collected Poems,” which I’ve barely rustled. The stunning excerpt above is from his poem “Coming” and made me feel like I’d come home. 

Semi “mid-life” Crisis

I wanted to thank all those who pre-ordered my book mid-life, published by Finishing Line Press. For those who are wondering where their book is, I wanted to offer assurance that, no, I am not running a poetry racket. Finishing Line Press is simply (way) behind on its publication schedule. They expect mid-life to ship out sometime in September. In the meantime, I am planning […]

White Teeth Don’t Bite

After going through some 250 pages of its 500 total, the only passage I’ve highlighted in Zadie Smith’s “White Teeth” is pictured above. And I only highlighted it because it is a spiritual fun fact, not because the writing is somehow stunning. Since this year I’ve committed to only reading spectacular books, I decided to […]

Difficult by Design

Geoffrey Hill, renowned British poet, died last week and was memorialized by today’s “New York Times.” Although I’ve never read a single poem written by Hill and do not support intentionally obscure verse, I do think Mr. Hill makes a very good point above. Difficult is as difficult does. 

The Book of/from the Sky

Oh my goodness, the written word. But what if it is made to mean nothing?  In China, a person is literate if she can read 4,000 characters. So artist Xu Bing invented 4,000 “fake” characters to render a person illiterate.  He spent four years making his installation, pictured above, and now on display at Austin’s […]

For My Birthday, Synchronicity

Today, 35 years ago, I was born. To celebrate my birthday, I wanted to discover someplace random, easy-to-get-to, young, intriguing and fun. Someplace like Austin, Texas.  For weeks and without much formal thought, I let the idea float in my mind. Then the universe began to emit signs. First, my credit card sent an email […]

Mid-Year Resolution

It’s almost impossible for me not to finish a book once I start it. No matter how dull, poorly written, unecessary it is.  But I am making a mid-year resolution to ditch bad books. Reading hours are far too precious to spend them reading anything less than spectacular.  And so I say good bye to […]

Dora, the Dictadora

About to hop on a flight with this read on the women who loved the world’s worst men, written by Spanish uber journalist Rosa Montero, whom I saw speak at the Cartagena Hay Festival a few years back.  In “Dictadoras,” Montero digs deep to pile new dirt on the wives and girlfriends who warmed the […]

El viaje de Borja

Tomorrow is May 20th. A day I’ve been dreading because it is the last day to pre-order my book mid-life. Since pre-sales determine how many books will be published, tomorrow matters. If any of you out there had any intention whatsoever of purchasing my book of poems, I would truly appreciate it if you did […]

The Sun Coast

“The Sun Coast,” a poem from my forthcoming book of poems entitled mid-life, now available for purchase via Finishing Line Press. The pre-sale period ends in just three days, so grab your copy soon, such as right this minute!

Domingo 20 / Sunday 20

This poem is from my book “Entre domingo y domingo” published in 2014. My new book of poems mid-life is currently in its pre-sale period, which ends in just five days. Tick, tick, tick. To order, please click here.


  From my book “Reverse Commute.”  Happy weekend everyone!