The Suffering Game

A poem by award-winning poet Ana Maria Caballero. Originally published by Red Savina Review and part of Caballero’s book “mid-life,” this poem features her signature, straightforward verse that explores the feminine voice of the home.

Illustrated by internationally recognized Mexican artist Luis Ricardo Ramos, with an original score by Henry González.

The Suffering Game

Mother wins the suffering game—

she cares for the sick.

Big Brother is the runner up.

He pays for the sick and for Mother to live better than sick.

Only his Mondays count.

Little Brother plays a private suffering game

and is left alone to tend his odds.

I lose the suffering game.

My baby is a balloon smile and his father

loves us every day with capable hands.

As the loser of the game

I am given a brick to hang from my face.

In this small way I help bring life

something closer to fair.