Litany in D Minor

Edition of 5, 2021

Litany in D Minor is part of Blue Prints, a closed collection of five poems that subtly responds to the concept of a “roadmap” vis à vis the creative process. Rather than asking where art may lead, Caballero invites readers to consider where art comes from by sharing her own poetic practice.

The media-rich poems in Caballero’s Blue Prints collection are linked graphically but also thematically. Each poem approaches the question of what drives literary creation from a different perspective, but, in all, the inevitability of the process is palpable.

For Caballero, writing is not a matter of choice or of destination–instead, writing is her blueprint, at once the origin, essence and design.


Litany in D Minor

In the bedroom of my midlife,
I summon god each night.

What god?

How it feels: my skin shrinks from air,
wishing to recede
into another realm,

but I cannot know what it means.

I have no say in the way
I arrive,
night after night,
to beg of this screen an answer to offer
to that factual world of other,

as justification, yes, but also—
so god is my witness—

as gift.